Solaris to publish Harmon’s powerful debut, Flames of Mira

We are so excited to be publishing Flames of Mira by Clay Harmon in spring 2022!

Former bookseller Clay Harmon’s Flames of Mira sees a man gain enormous power through chemistry-based elemental magic, but is bound to a ruling magnate by a spell that will kill him if he disobeys any command. When the magnate’s daughter seizes control of the spell with dark ambitions, he must find a way to break free or be forced to wreak carnage on her behalf.

World English Rights were acquired by Michael Rowley from Joshua Bilmes at JABberwocky Literary Agency.

It’ll be a bit of a wait until you can get your hands on a copy, but until then here is the blurb:

On a world whose bitter cold surface can’t be survived, everyone lives underground and wealth is determined by proximity not to light but to heat, giant ice stalactites plummet into lava pools, and all travel is through a network of subterranean passages.

Magical power comes from days-long life-threatening trials which enable the binding of rock and metals in the human body to those in the world around us. Many people aren’t bound to a mineral at all, and rarely more than one.

Ig was put through his trials by the Great Ones themselves. His bindings are virtually unlimited, the trials to attain those bindings so arduous he was lucky to survive.  He’s now blessed with great power, but cursed with a flesh binding that ties him until death to Magnate Sorrelo, and death is the price of disobedience.

Clay Harmon has spent most of his life in California’s Central Valley, growing up outside of Yosemite, then moving to Fresno, where he worked at a B&N while studying Business Administration & Marketing. He now works in marketing for a software development firm. In his off-time, he lifts weights, loses at video games, and terrorizes his cats. He currently lives in Saratoga Springs, Utah, with his wife. Follow Clay on Twitter @ClayHarmonII.

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