Solaris Books is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Beneath The Rising by Premee Mohamed—an unforgettable tale of friendship, family and strength in the midst of unimaginable horror, set to be released in 2020, and to be followed by an as-yet unnamed sequel the following year.

The deal was negotiated by Michael Curry of the Donald Maass Agency and acquired by Commissioning Editor David Thomas Moore who had this to say about the acquisition:

“I loved this book right from the pitch email. It’s self-aware, quirky, creepy, important and all sorts of fun. Nick and Johnny have a mile of bad road ahead of them (thousands and thousands of miles, by plane, SUV and foot), as much as in their relationship as in the nightmare they live in, and you’re gonna love being with them on the journey.” 

The author had this to say: 

“In a sense, I’ve known these characters for longer than they’ve been alive, as Beneath The Rising was finished during my undergrad. I was never able to get the story out of my head, and so it was the only book I considered hauling out of the trunk when I began querying. I’m so grateful to my agent, Michael Curry, for believing in this novel since day one, and I’m very excited to work with David and the Solaris team to share this adventure with the world.” 

Beneath The Rising will publish into the UK, US, and Canada in both trade paperback and eBook in 2020. Read on for more about the book and make sure to follow us for more updates about this title!


Nick Prasad has enjoyed a quiet life in the shadow of his best friend, former child prodigy Joanna ‘Johnny’ Chambers. They’re proof that opposites attract: she’s rich, a genius, and only interested in her research; he’s cash-strapped, brown, and secretly in love with her. 

Now Johnny has invented a clean-energy reactor that could eliminate fossil fuels and change the world, but the reactor’s creation has awakened the Ancient Ones, primeval monsters whose evil once ruled the planet—and it could be Their path back to power. As the violence escalates, Nick and Johnny decide to find and lock the Great Gate through which the Ancient Ones could return in force. 

Nick would rather sit this one out—but when Johnny destroys the reactor, his choices are either to be dragged along with her, or used as leverage against her. 

Their journey to the cradle of civilization seems guaranteed to end in disaster. From the oldest library in the world to the hunted ruins of Nineveh, Nick and Johnny must race ahead of the police, the Ancient Ones, and the shifting sands if they’re going to succeed. 

But their quest also relies on something Johnny’s been hiding since they were kids. And as the secrets emerge, no one knows who the enemy is any more. 


Premee Mohamed is a scientist and writer based out of Alberta, Canada. She has degrees in molecular genetics and environmental science, but hopes that readers of her fiction will not hold that against her. Her short speculative fiction has been published in a variety of venues, which can be found on her website. She can be located with some reliabilit on twitter