Solaris, the multiple award-winning publisher of cutting-edge science fiction and fantasy, is thrilled to announce that it has acquired world rights to The Chimera Code by Wayne Santos, to be released in July 2020.


The deal was negotiated by Jennie Goloboy of the Donald Maass Agency and acquired by Editor Kate Coe in her first acquisition for Rebellion. The Chimera Code is scheduled for release in July 2020.

Acquiring editor, Kate Coe had this to say about the book:

“Wayne’s brilliant novel is a thrilling read, and mixes technomancy with fast-paced action and thoughtful asides on the nature of the digital world versus reality. I’m very excited for this to be my first commission for Solaris, and look forward to working with Wayne.”

Discussing the acquisition, the author commented:

“Chimera has been a long time in coming. If you ever got into a schoolyard discussion of ‘who would win in a fight between a cyborg and a wizard,’ this book attempts to answer that with various permutations. I’m very grateful to my agent, Jennie Goloboy on taking a chance on this, and to Kate Coe and Solaris for choosing Chimera.”

Solaris Books are excited to welcome Wayne Santos to their growing list of talented writers who are bringing fresh perspectives to genre fiction. 

The Chimera Code is scheduled for release in both trade paperback and ebook in July 2020. Read on for more about the book and make sure to follow us for more updates about this title. 

by Wayne Santos

Everything’s for hire – even magic.

 If you need something done, Cloke’s one of the best; a mercenary with some unusual talents and an attitude to match. But when she’s hired by a virtual construct to destroy the other copies of himself, and the down payment is a new magical skill, she knows this job is going to be a league harder than anything she’s ever done.

 Assisted by the ghost of her best friend, a virtual reality superstar, a magic sword, a combat cyborg, a genius console jockey and the backing of the largest corporation in the world, Cloke’s got to find and destroy a resource that her enemies will go to any lengths to protect…


Over the years, Wayne Santos has written copy for advertising agencies, scripts for television, and articles for magazines. He’s lived in Canada, Thailand and Singapore, traveling to many countries around South East Asia. His first love has always been science fiction and fantasy, and while he regularly engaged with it in novels, comics, anime and video games, it wasn’t until 1996, with his first short story in the Canadian speculative fiction magazine On Spec that he aimed towards becoming a novelist.

 He now lives in Canada, in Hamilton, ON with his wife. When he’s not writing, he is likely to be found reading, playing video games, watching anime, or trying to calm his cat down. He is currently represented by Jennie Goloboy at Donald Maass Literary.