Solaris acquires Knave of Secrets, a high fantasy by Alex Livingston

Solaris are delighted to announce the acquisition of magical fantasy Knave of Secrets by Alex Livingston, which is due for release in 2022.

Editor David Thomas Moore acquired World English rights in Livingston’s new novel from Becky LeJeune at Bond Literary Agency.


Valen Quinol couldn’t care less about local politics. Instead, he’s intent on fleecing as many of the local gentry as he can in order to practice his particular brand of “luck” magic. When he’s given the opportunity to play in an invitation-only game of chance in exchange for simply ensuring that one particular player loses, he can’t resist. Or refuse, as it turns out.  He’s forced to play whether he likes it or not… and losing is not an option.

Valen and his misfit crew of gamblers become targets in a game with stakes much higher than money. The very freedom of the land they call home is on the line, and the very real possibility of war is on the horizon.

Author Alex Livingston on the acquisition:

“In the world of this book, a deck of cards in the right hands can be more powerful than armies – and a lot more fun. I had a blast writing this book, and I’m so excited to work with Solaris to share it with you.”

Editor David Thomas Moore:

“Ask me how into period games I am, I beg you: I spent this afternoon playing Nine Men’s Morris, Fox and Geese and Hnefetafl with my seven-year-old kid (at her insistence) using my own handmade games compendium. It’s such a joy to find someone who’s as big a nerd as me, and Knave of Secrets is a slick, stylish fantasy novel to boot. I’m utterly delighted.”

Alex Livingston grew up in various quiet New England towns before moving to Buffalo, NY to study English at Canisius College. He writes SFF prose and interactive fiction. Alex is married and lives in an old house with his brilliant wife and a pile of aged videogame systems.

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