Revealing the cover for Ion Curtain by Anya Ow

We are delighted to reveal the stunning cover for 2022’s Ion Curtain by Anya Ow.

A high-octane, far-future space opera in which the post-Russain VMF and the UN are locked in a brutal cold war — Ion Curtain will be out in paperback, eBook and audiobook 19th July 2022.

Cover art by John Harris

It’s the far future and peace is on the knife’s edge.

The post-Russian VMF and the UN are locked in cold war. When corsair Solitaire Yeung discovers a mysterious device in a wrecked Russian cruiser, he learns that the VMF has been experimenting with AI, and that the experiment has already escaped the VMF’s control.

Yeung, Russian captain Viktor Kulagin, and UN spy Kalina try to keep a dangerous situation from disintegrating further— but the AI have plans and allies of their own