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Whitaker’s Concise 2021 is the definitive reference guide to the UK. The concise edition is a UK-centric gold-mine of information with enormous breadth of coverage. At a fraction of the price of the standard edition, the reader with an interest in UK facts and figures is really getting value for money.

The concise edition contains a comprehensive explanation of every aspect of national and local government infrastructure in the UK, astronomical and tidal data for 2021, guides to UK law, education and taxation, overviews of the water, energy and transport industries, essential calendar information, chapters on royalty and peerage, defence, complete results for each constituency from the last UK General Election and an up-to-date list of MPs, government departments and public bodies – quite simply, the UK in one volume!

‘If you want to know it… it’s here’ John Humphrys

29th Apr 2021
693 pages

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Whitaker's Almanack