Way of the Barefoot Zombie ( Tomes of the Dead )

The markets are hungry for a sacrifice!

On a private island in the Caribbean business guru, Doc Papa, has reinvented the Zombie as a role model for the super-rich. The world’s business elite come to St Ignatius to study the Way of the Barefoot Zombie and interact with a captive colony of Zombies. They live with them, dress like them and act like them in order to free their own Inner Zombies. Once they’ve learned to harness the Zombie’s single minded lust for blood nothing will stop them from making a killing on the global markets.

However, Doc Papa’s plans for dominating the world’s business arena go awry when the island is infiltrated by operatives from the Zombie Liberation Front and a rogue priestess.

Real Voodoo and social satire collide in this gore drenched tale of greed and global profit.

29th Aug 2011
320 pages

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Tomes of the Dead

About the author

Simon Bestwick was born in 1974. His short fiction has popped up all over the place, in the UK and the States, and is collected in A Hazy Shade of Winter. His first novel, Tide of Souls, received wide critical praise and, more recently, he has been nominated for the Bram Stoker award.Gary McMahon’s fiction has appeared in magazines and anthologies in the U.K. and U.S, been reprinted in both The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror and The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror and nominated for the British Fantasy Award. For Abaddon Books and Solaris he has written Hungry Hearts and the Concrete Grove trilogy.Jasper Bark has written for everyone in British comics, from 2000 AD through to the Beano and Viz. Prior to this he toured extensively and made numerous radio and TV appearances as a stand up poet. He has also worked as a national film and music journalist and written scripts for short films, radio and stage plays. He has published two books of poetry and was awarded a Fringe First at the Edinburgh Festival in 1999.