The Tales of Catt & Fisher

After the War


Four new tales of Doctors Catt and Fisher…

Scholars, shopkeepers, collectors… aficionados. Obtainers of rare antiquities; relic hunters who can’t resist a lead, even when it takes them into terrible danger. There’s always an opportunity to be found amid the confusion, in the wake of the terrible Kinslayer War. There’s always a deal to be done, a tomb to open, a precious thing to… obtain.

From encounters with the monstrous Vathesk to exploring new worlds; from wielding great power to do great good, to unearthing dark things best left lost. If you need the experts, if you can find your way to their Cherivell shop, maybe you can hire Doctors Catt and Fisher.

“Robson writes a tense, fast-paced quest adventure… I hope to see more like it.” Liz Bourke

“If you’re looking for something that celebrates the genre, while working to interrogate and question how that genre works, look no further than Redemption’s Blade.” Martin Cahill, Tor.com

1st Dec 2020
432 pages
After the War

About the author

Adrian Tchaikovsky is the author of the acclaimed ten-book Shadows of the Apt series, the Echoes of the Fall series, and other novels, novellas and short stories including Children of Time (which won the Arthur C. Clarke award in 2016), and its sequel, Children of Ruin (which won the British Science Fiction Award in 2020). He lives in Leeds in the UK and his hobbies include entomology and board and role-playing games.

About the author

Freda Warrington loves rural Leicestershire, where she lives and makes things up. Throughout school, art college and a career in graphic design, writing was a constant. Her first novel, A Blackbird in Silver, was published in 1986. Twenty-two more books followed, ranging from epic quests to contemporary/ supernatural fantasy. Her novels include Dracula the Undead and Elfland, both of which won Best Novel Awards. These days her backlist is mostly available on ebook. Also on Audible, but print can be found, especially from Titan who republished her popular ‘A Taste of Blood Wine’ series with gorgeous new covers. (They originally came out in the 1990s, preceding the later vampire explosion!) Most recent is Nights of Blood Wine (Telos), a collection of dark short stories. Freda continues creating new magical worlds, in between mentoring/ editing assignments. For full info, visit her author website: Fredawarrington.com.