For I Have Sinned

Name’s Rico Dredd. I was a Judge. I tried to save my city, and they called me a criminal.
Twenty years hard labour in a penal colony a billion kilometres from Earth. They gave me mechanical lungs just so I can breathe, laced my skin with polymers so I can walk in sub-zero temperatures. Stripped away everything that made me human.
I was a hero and they turned me into a gruddamned monster.
But maybe that was fate, because in the year 2089 disaster hit the prison, and it was down to me to
save everyone.
Sometimes the monster becomes the hero.

6th Mar 2019
136 pages
Rico Dredd: The Titan Years

About the author

Irish Author Michael Carroll is a former chairperson of the Irish Science Fiction Association and has previously worked as a postman and a computer programmer/systems analyst. A reader of 2000 AD right from the very beginning, Michael is the creator of the acclaimed Quantum Prophecy/Super Human series of superhero novels for the Young Adult market. His current comic work includes Judge Dredd for 2000 AD and Judge Dredd Megazine (Rebellion), and Jennifer Blood (Dynamite Entertainment).Find him at