Flames Of Mira

Available on: 26th April 2022

On a world whose bitter cold surface can’t be survived, everyone
lives underground and wealth is determined by proximity not to light but to
heat, giant ice stalactites plummet into lava pools, and all travel is through
a network of subterranean passages. 

Magical power comes from days-long life-threatening trials
which enable the binding of rock and metals in the human body to those in the
world around us. Many people aren’t bound to a mineral at all, and rarely more than one. 

Ig was put through his trials by the Great Ones themselves. His
bindings are virtually unlimited, the trials to attain those bindings so
arduous he was lucky to survive.  He’s
now blessed with great power, but cursed with a flesh binding that ties him
until death to Magnate Sorrelo, and death is the price of disobedience.

26th Apr 2022
432 pages

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