Dispersal ( Extinction Biome 2 )

Alex Miller saved thousands of lives back in New York… but he killed thousands to do it. Now stranded on a hostile sea with countless refugees, he sees the hundreds of tiny, difficult decisions that need to be made every day to keep people alive. Samantha Hernandez has moved beyond humanity, becoming something else: an Archaean, part of the new breed that live and breathe the ancient ecology. Now she’s having doubts; are they the future of the human race, or only the agents of its destruction? What they both understand is: this cannot abide. The Archaeans, and the men and women of Schaeffer-Yeager corporation, need a plan, if humanity is to survive in any form. But how to fight back when the Earth itself has become your enemy * This second instalment of our all-action military sci-fi series will be pitched squarely at fans of the genre. * There will be extensive blog coverage on all major genre sites. * A fully supported social media campaign will feature targeted ad spend focussing on the military sci-fi market. * We will be running price promotions on book one in the series (Extinction Biome: Invasion) to raise the profile of the series and engage with new readers. * Previous title: 9781781083888 Extinction Biome: Invasion

5th Oct 2017
400 pages

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Extinction Biome

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Extinction Biome: Dispersal is the brain child of jungle warrior, revolutionary, counter-revolutionary and outdoors-person Addison Gunn. But who is Addison Gunn? Addison's too damn busy to answer that. Instead Gunn's wrangled some of the best new talents in the genre to pen this exciting new series.