Desperate Alliances

Fair Isle has found a new ruler, and a new way of life. Tulkhan, the Ghebite General, has long severed ties with his brother the King, and is forging a new country, bringing the best of his people—their ferocity, courage and passion—and the people he has conquered—their culture, sophistication and egalitarianism—together in a nation that will change the world.
His bond-partner—never a Ghebite “wife”—Imoshen, last of the pure-blood T’En women, with her wine-dark eyes and silver hair, rules by his side. What began as a political alliance has blossomed into love, for one another and their newborn son.
But even as differences still cause trouble between the Ghebites and the people of Fair Isle, Imoshen’s past tears her in half. For Reothe, once her betrothed, once so great a threat to them and now crippled by her powers, still seeks to draw her away. And the lure of the mind-touch—the magical intimacy that she and Tulkhan can never share—is one she cannot ignore…

10th Mar 2015
288 pages
The Fall of Fair Isle

About the author

Rowena Cory Daniells is the author of the bestselling series The Chronicles of Kin Rolen's Kin and The Outcast Chronicles. She is devoted to her family (husband and 6 children) and writing. In her spare time she studies Tae Kwon Do, Aikido and Iaido, the art of the Samurai sword.