Children of the Cull

When the world died, we were torn apart.
He’s an old soldier, of a sort – be polite and say he ‘solved problems’ for his government. She’s a doctor, a scientist specialising in rare diseases. They met once, fell in love, got ready to settle down… until the Cull came and tore them apart.
They’ve hunted each other across the ravaged, ruined world, leaving bloodshed and destruction in both their wakes. Finally, tonight, in an old Army research post in the middle of nowhere, they’ll be reunited.
With any luck, it’ll live up to the promise.
Children of the Cull continues the stories of Simon Spurrier’s The Culled and Rebecca Levene’s Kill or Cure.

9th Aug 2016
128 pages
The Afterblight Chronicles

About the author

UK number-one bestselling author Cavan Scott is currently trying to work on everything he loved when he was ten. He has written for Star Wars, Doctor Who, Warhammer 40,000, Judge Dredd, Blake’s 7, Highlander, Danger Mouse, the Beano and Vikings. His new Sherlock Holmes novel, The Patchwork Devil, is out now from Titan Books, with a sequel in the works. He lives in Bristol with his wife, daughters and an inflatable Dalek called Desmond.