A Hole In The World

Preacher's Daughter Saves The World

Available on: 6th July 2021
Preacher’s Daughter Saves The World

When a town in South Dakota USA disappears only a drunk, an old Indian, and a truck driver notice. Investigators decide all three of them are crazy. Only they aren’t, and they all swear that there was a town there that no one remembers.
Then the same thing happens in England. A town is gone but no one in the entire country will even acknowledge that it ever existed. Only one old bishop tries to impress on his local MP that he has missing constituents, and a member of the Black Dragoons—a clandestine military unit dedicated to protecting the country from supernatural threats—investigates.
Soon, the Black Dragoons and Special Unit 77—their American counterparts—are working together to figure out what is exactly happening.  

Preacher’s Daughter is on the case, and she won’t stop until she finds some answers. England Will never be the same again…
6th Jul 2021
336 pages