OUT NOW: Whitaker’s 2021

We’re very pleased to say Whitaker’s 2021 is out today!

This Almanack provides a comprehensive account of today’s world in a single volume.

A totally unique combination of every aspect of the UK as it stands today and world politics, astronomical data, and reviews of the year, ‘Whitaker’s remains the most comprehensive compendium of information in the English language; (Jon Snow) and will save hours of research and cross referencing between different sources. 

Whitaker’s 2021 contains a comprehensive explanation of every aspect of national and local government infrastructure in the UK, astronomical and tidal data for 2021, guides to UK law, education and taxation, overviews of the water, energy and transport industries, essential calendar information, chapters on royalty and peerage, complete results for each constituency from the last UK General Election and an up-to-date list of MPs, government departments and public bodies, directory listings of trade unions and professional bodies, sports results and records, reviews of the year 2019-20 – covering the arts, science and politics – and monthly summaries of the year’s news. 

Whitaker’s is also an excellent introduction to world politics with in-depth profiles of international organisations, the European Union and every country of the world.

Whitaker’s is Britain’s oldest and most respected reference book, in continuous production since 1868.