OUT NOW: The Chimera Code by Wayne Santos

A very happy publication day to The Chimera Code by Wayne Santos, which is out in paperback today!

Everything’s For Hire. Even Magic.

If you need something done, Cloke’s one of the best; a mercenary with some unusual talents and an attitude to match. But when she’s hired by a virtual construct to destroy the other copies of himself, and the down payment is a new magical skill, she knows this job is going to be a league harder than anything she’s ever done.

“Snappy prose, electric action, crackling intersection of magic and technology, nano noir, adventure—what more do you want? Fans of science/fantasy will get the ride they’re looking for!” — John Shirley, author of Stormland

“A full-throttle magical cyberpunk superhero thriller; Santos has really hit the ground running.” — Peter McLean

“An ambitious and kinetic debut, packed with neat ideas.” — Antony Johnston, NYT best-selling author

“Stylish, bad-ass, and above all immersive.” — Edgar Cantero

“This is fun, fresh cyberpunk.” — Publishers Weekly