The highly-anticipated epic Norse fantasy Northern Wrath by Thilde Kold Holdt, is out now in eBook and paperback!

The bond between men and the gods is weakening.

A dead man walks between the worlds and foresees Odin’s doom.

The only survivor of a slaughter unleashes a monster from fiery Muspelheim.

Long hidden among mortals, a giantess sighs and takes up her magics once again.

A chief’s son must overcome war and treason to become the leader his people need.

And the final battle is coming…

“Packs a punch worthy of the Thunderer himself. It rocks!” — Joanne Harris, author of The Gospel of Loki

“Ferocious, compelling, fiercely beautiful. Fantasy at its very best.” — Anna Smith Spark, author of the Empires of Dust series

“This is fantasy as it should be written: savage, liminal, full of wonder and magic.” — Gavin G. Smith, author of The Bastard Legion series

“Holdt wows in her Norse mythology–inspired debut… an electrifying adventure.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review

“A promising start for a series that will gratify lovers of epic tales.” — Aurealis

“It has all a fantasy fan could want: gods, magic, large-scale battles, duels and magical creatures… Holdt will be a name to look out for in the genre for years to come.” — FanFiAddict

For audio lovers, the audiobook will be out from Penguin Random House.