OUT NOW: Flames of Mira by Clay Harmon

We’re thrilled to be wishing Flames of Mira by Clay Harmon a very happy book birthday!

What would you risk to overthrow a tyrant? For fans of Brandon Sanderson and Joe Abercrombie, Flames of Mira invites you into an unforgiving world of elemental magic, where disobedience means death.

Magic and redemption in a world of fire and ice.

Among boiling volcanoes under Mira’s frozen lands, people like Ig are forced to undergo life-threatening trials that bind chemical elements to the human body. One of Mira’s most powerful elementals, Ig serves as an enforcer for Magnate Sorrelo Adriann, but is cursed with flesh binding magic that will kill him at the first sign of disobedience.

When Sorrelo is overthrown, Ig quickly learns he can do far worse than what has been asked of him so far. If he can’t escape the flesh binding in time, he will have to kill friend and foe alike to stop his master reclaiming the throne, or sacrifice himself trying.

“With some of the most unique and fascinating worldbuilding I’ve ever seen in a fantasy novel, Flames of Mira is a captivating read from start to finish.” — Nick Martell, author of The Two-Faced Queen

“An extraordinary world unlike any you’ve read before.” — FanFiAddict