It’s Super Thursday* and we’re wading into the fray with a big hitter of our very own: The Sand Men, a bold new thriller from bestseller Christopher Fowler, is out today, and we couldn’t be happier.

By now you’ve probably seen our lush cover art, and read all about this JG Ballard influenced slice of near-future fiction, set in the deady dunes of Dubai.

If not, well, we’re here to help. Chris has been doing a few interviews about this frankly brilliant new book at the following blogs:

And you don’t have to take our work for it that The Sand Men is ace – check out Starburst’s review, which calls it “a staggering read”, or head over to Love Reading, whose review says The Sand Men “succeeds in dragging a harsh reality into a tale of artifices in an artificial land”. Not enough for you? How about reading The Eloquent Page’s take on things – “entertaining, engrossing and thought provoking” – are you noticing a theme yet?

Finally, don’t forget to come along to Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury Avenue next Thursay night from 6pm, to get your copies of The Sand Men signed by Mr Fowler himself. You can find details on Facebook or over at the official Forbidden Planet website.

*The day when the publishing industry throws a collective fit and publishes roughly four million new books in advance of the Christmas rush….

The Sand Men is out now!
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