Horror hounds, we’ve got a double dose of demonic, er, books, creepin’ and a-crawlin’ into the shops today.

First up is Simon Bestwick’s chilling The Feast of All Souls, a books of secrets, legends and the dark things at the edges of our reality. Read on for more!

The Feast of All Souls

Alice has returned to her old home town to put her life back in order. 378 Collarmill Road looks like an ordinary house. But sometimes, the world outside the windows isn’t the one you expect to see; sometimes you’ll turn around and find you’re not alone.

An old flame of Alice’s – John Revell – reluctantly comes to her aid when the house begins to reveal its secrets. The hill on which it sits is a place of legends – of Old Harry, the Beast of Crawbeck; of the Virgin of the Height and the mysterious Red Man – and home to the secrets of the shadowy Arodias Thorne.

Thorne’s influence seeps up through the ground, infiltrating Alice’s new home, and only she and John stand between Arodias and the rest of our world.

The Feast of All Souls is out now!
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Next up is a hugely exciting project from our very own Editor in Chief Jonathan Oliver, who has assembled some truly astonishing talent for Five Stories High. The story features five linked novellas from Nina Allan, Tade Thompson, K.J. Parker, Robert Shearman and Sarah Lotz, and charts the goings on in Irongrove Lodge…

Five Stories High

‘They didn’t see the house until they were practically on top of it. A single building emerging from
the dark. It didn’t look welcoming. But the front door was open. The door was wide open.’

Irongrove Lodge – a building with history; the very bricks and grounds imbued with the stories of those who have walked these corridors, lived in these rooms. These are the tales of an extraordinary house, a place that straddles our world and whatever lies beyond; a place that some are desperate to discover, and others to flee. At one time an asylum, at another a care home, sometimes simply a home.

The residents of Irongrove Lodge will learn that this house will change them, that the stories told here never go away. Of all who enter, only some will leave.
Multi-award-winning editor Jonathan Oliver has brought together five extraordinary writers to open the doors, revealing ghosts both past and present in a collection as intriguing as it is terrifying.

Five Stories High is out now!
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