Happy publication day The Abyss!

And lo, on the eleventh day of December, Judge Anderson did descend into The Abyss, and it was dark, and deep, and dangerous, and there was much rejoicing. 

Yes, Alec Worley’s latest Judge Anderson: Rookie novella is out today, the perfect piece of Friday fiction for all you 2000 AD fans looking for a weekend read. 

What’s it all, you cry? Well, picture the scene if you will: Mega-City One, 2100 AD. Psi-Judge Cassandra Anderson’s first year on the streets as a full-Eagle Judge.

Moriah Blake, leader of the notorious terror group ‘Bedlam,’ has been captured, but her followers are still at large, and Anderson’s been sent to Psych-Block 06 to psychically interrogate her. She’s able to get just one snippet of information – Bedlam’s planning on detonating a huge bomb, somewhere in the sector – before Blake’s followers storm the cell and release her, taking over the entire Psych-Block.

In the chaos immediately after the takeover, Anderson has to make a choice: get out before they lock it down, or stay – unarmed and alone – to find out where the bomb is…

Sounds awesome doesn’t it? So go and buy it, by Grud!

The Abyss is out now!
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