Nobody writes hard-hitting, all-action military SF quite like Weston Ochse, and his new novel Grunt Traitor is out in the US right.. now!

His Task Force Ombra series manages to balance a serious meditation on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and thoughtful, flawed characters with… well, with aliens and explosions and all that cool stuff.

Grunt Traitor, the second instalment in the series, has just landed in the US, and fans are eating their way through it as you read, finding out just how bad Benjamin Carter Mason and his buddies in Task Force Ombra have got it this time.

Because the Cray are an alien foe unlike any other, and the human race is in peril like never before…

Weston has been writing for a few sites about his love of military SF and a few other things besides – check out the links below to find out more:

Don’t forget to connect with Weston on Twitter, or via the official Weston Ochse website.

Grunt Traitor is out now!
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