Food of the Gods cover reveal

We flippin’ love Cassandra Khaw here at Abaddon. Quite apart from being hugely talented, she’s got the knack for creating the sort of characters we love – tricksy, whip-smart and up to their elbows in gore and trouble.

So it’s no great suprise that we’re collecting Cassandra’s Rupert Wong: Cannibal Chef, her most awesome debut novella, along with forthcoming novella Rupert Wong and the Ends of the Earth into one eye-catching volume.

Food of the Gods is coming from Abaddon in May 2017, so keep your eyes peeled next spring. Until then, he’s a little about Rupert and the mess he’s got himself into…

Food of the Gods by Cassandra Khaw

By day, Rupert Wong – former triad soldier and sorcerer turned chef – prepares delicious meals from human meat for a dynasty of powerful ghouls in Kuala Lumpur; by night, he’s a seneschal and arbitrator for the Ten Chinese Hells. It’s a living, if not much of one.

When Ao Qin – Dragon of the South, god of the seas – smashes in Rupert’s window and demands he investigate his daughter and her mortal husband’s murders, his peaceful (if not particularly comfortable) life comes to an end.

Caught up in a war between pantheons, shipped around the world, going toe-to-toe with Elder Gods From Outside Space And Time, and always taking the time to read the fine print, Rupert’s going to need all his wits and a lot of luck to survive.