Happy Wednesday, friends! The day after the Hugo award announcements and we’ve got exciting news! Solaris, the multiple award-winning publisher cutting-edge science fiction and fantasy, is thrilled to announce that it has acquired the UK rights to Mary Robinette Kowal’s The Calculating Stars

Kowal’s Lady Astronaut series, first released in the US by Tor in 2018, has garnered critical acclaim and widespread praise. The sequel, The Fated Sky, continues the grand sweep of alternate history laid out in The Calculating Stars. Solaris has also acquired the rights to Fated Sky and will be releasing it later this year. 

The UK edition of The Calculating Stars is out from Solaris in May, 2019. Read on for more about the book and follow the link below to Pre-order your copy: 

Mary Robinette Kowal

One Woman. One Mission. One Chance to Save the World. 

It’s 1952, and the world as we know it is gone. A meteorite has destroyed Washington DC, triggering extinction-level global warming. 

To save humanity, the world unites to form the International Aerospace Coalition. Its mission: to colonise first the Moon, then Mars. 

Elma York, World War Two pilot and mathematician, dreams of becoming an astronaut — but prejudice has kept her grounded. 

Now nothing — and no man — will stop her from reaching the stars. 

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“This is what NASA never had, a heroine with attitude.”
The Wall Street Journal

 “In The Calculating Stars, Mary Robinette Kowal imagines an alternate history of spaceflight that reminds me of everything I loved about Hidden Figures.”
Cady Coleman, Astronaut

The Calculating Stars is a wonderful, scientifically accurate view of what might have been. Kowal masters both science and historical accuracy in this alternate history adventure.” 
Andy Weir

“Hugely satisfying, as the women of the early space programme, in crucial roles but out of sight, at last take the spotlight they deserve… even if,  in Kowal’s thoughtful alternate history, it takes the end of the world to bring it about.” 
Stephen Baxter