Dave Hutchinson’s multi-award nominated – and twice Clarke Award runner-up – Fractured Europe Sequence returns this November with Europe in Winter

As we’ve now come to expect from the Europe books, Europe in Winter is another thrilling, twisting journey through a shattered Europe, albeit one that is now living side by side with the Community. 

History isn’t what you thought it was, secrets are all around, and the world isn’t a safe place. Yes, this book is every bit as awesome as it sounds – and it’s available for pre-order now! 

Check out more about the book below, and click through the links at the bottom of the page to make sure your copy is ordered ahead of November. 

A Fractured Europe. A Parallel World. A Global Threat.

Union has come. The Community is now the largest nation in Europe; trains run there from as far afield as London and Prague. It is an era of unprecedented peace and prosperity.

So what is the reason for a huge terrorist outrage? Why do the Community and Europe meet in secret, exchanging hostages? And who are Les Coureurs des Bois?

Along with a motley crew of strays and mafiosi and sleeper agents, Rudi sets out to answer these questions – only to discover that the truth lies both closer to home and farther away than anyone could possibly imagine.

Europe in Winter is available for pre-order now!
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