Award season is upon us, and Solaris is in the thick of things with two nominations for Pornokitsch’s Kitschies – and flippin’ delighted about it we are too!

Dave Hutchinson’s Europe At Midnight is in the running for the Red Tentacle for Best Novel, alongside the likes of Margaret Atwood and Adam Roberts, while Paul Meloy’s The Night Clock is up for the Golden Tentacle for Best Debut. 

The Kitschies are awarded for “progressive, intelligent, and entertaining literature with a speculative element,” which we like to think is something of a speciality here at Solaris HQ. It’s worth noting that Solaris is leading the charge for the Kitschies alongside publishers many, many times our size – once again proving that it’s not the size of yoru wand but how you wave it that counts. 

We’re delighted that two of our favourite authors are getting the attention they deserve, and we’re firmly crossing our fingers for success come awards night on 7 March.

You can find out all about the Kitschies – and find out the full set of nominations – over at the official website