We’re dead thrilled to announce that alongside our next thrilling video Zombie Army 4: Dead War, we will publishing ZOMBIE ARMY: FORTRESS OF THE DEAD, an exclusive tie-in novel written by Chris Roberson, the creator of the hit TV series iZombie, and B.P.R.D!

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Set before the hell-raising events of Zombie Army 4: Dead War, it follows a squad of ‘deadhunters’ as they journey deep into the Alps in search of answers – who carried out ‘Plan Z’? Are the dead being guided by hands unseen? And is there really a hidden Nazi fortress deep in the mountains?

If they’re going to find the truth, the squad must fight their way through hordes of the dead – and even then they may not make it out alive…

Author Chris Roberson said:

“I’ve always been a fan of historical adventures, and war stories, and horror stories, so a game that combined all of those seemed tailor-made for me. Zombie Army is creepy and atmospheric, with the kind of crunchy attention to detail that I look for in video games. Getting the chance to dig deeper into the lore of that world and explore the setting with an interesting mix of characters was too good an opportunity to pass up!”

ZOMBIE ARMY: FORTRESS OF THE DEAD will be rising from the grave alongside the eye-popping video game on February 4th!

Pre-order your copy now!