The day has come: Binary System, the latest Sci-fi adventure story from award-winning author, Eric Brown is out today! 

Delia Kemp is taking on the Skelt, making enemies and defying expectations in Eric Brown’s Binary System. 

Wonderful, scary, and full of compelling and weird new species and monsters, We could not ask for more from one of our favourite authors. Already listed on Barnes & Nobles Sci-Fi and Fantasy blog’s Best Books of the Month list, we’re just here to say: you should get this book! No, really. 

Read on for more about the book and click the links below to grab yourself a copy…

Binary System
By Eric Brown

Survival is all in the mind. A drowned ship. An ice planet. Unknowable aliens. Delia Kemp has had better days. 

Stranded, alone and hunted by the insectoid Skelt for her scientific knowledge, Delia flees across the undiscovered world of Valinda as its years-long winter comes to an end and its short, blistering summer approaches. 

Finding strange new companions — other victims of the Skelt — Delia makes a desperate dash across Valinda’s fiery equator, bringing her ever closer to the valley of Mahkanda, where salvation just might be waiting… 

Binary System is out now!
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