Europe in Autumn by Dave Hutchinson was the slow burn hit of 2014, a timely SF thriller that got everyone – from US Ambassadors to online bloggers – talking. Set in a balkanised Europe, divided by political divisions, economic crises and pandemic illness, Europe in Autumn proved especially poignant for the year which saw Scottish and Catalan referendums, the UK lose its AAA credit rating and Greece hit by EU sanctioned austerity measures.

A dystopian espionage thriller that evoked the Cold War novels of John Le Carré and the nightmarish world of Franz Kafka, Europe in Autumn is a dazzling SF tale of what happens when a conspiracy theory threatens to unravel reality itself. Publishing to critical applause, featured highly across the board on the annual best-of list round-ups and currently shortlist nominated for the BSFA award for best novel, Europe in Autumn was a genre highlight for 2014, leaving fans of the book clamouring for a follow up.

It is with great delight that we can today announce the 2015 publication of the follow up title Europe at Midnight:

Europe is crumbling. The Xian Flu pandemic and ongoing economic crises have fractured the European Union, the borderless Continent of the Schengen Agreement is a distant memory, and new nations are springing up everywhere, some literally overnight.

For an intelligence officer like Jim, it’s a nightmare. Every week or so a friendly power spawns a new and unknown national entity which may or may not be friendly to England’s interests; it’s hard to keep on top of it all. But things are about to get worse for Jim. A stabbing on a London bus pitches him into a world where his intelligence service is preparing for war with another universe, and a man has come who may hold the key to unlocking the mystery…

Europe at Midnight, the second title in the Fractured Europe Sequence series by Dave Hutchinson from Solaris Book, will publish November 2015 in UK print and worldwide eBook, with a US physical print edition to follow later.

“The author’s authoritative prose, intimate knowledge of eastern Europe, and his fusion of Kafka with Len Deighton, combine to create a spellbinding novel of intrigue and paranoia.” – The Guardian

Dave Hutchinson was born in Sheffield in 1960. After reading American Studies at the University of Nottingham, he became a journalist. He’s the author of six collections of short stories and two novels, and his novella “The Push” was shortlisted for the 2010 BSFA award for short fiction. He has also edited two anthologies and co-edited a third. His short story ‘The Incredible Exploding Man’ featured in the first Solaris Rising anthology, and appeared in the 29th Year’s Best Science Fiction collection. He lives in north London with his wife and several cats.

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