A multiple cover art reveal

We may have mentioned once or twice just how proud we are of our covers and quite frankly we have good reason to be. So for your Thursday afternoon treat we thought we give you a whole wave of great book art with 3 unseen covers on upcoming titles…

First up we have The Iron Ship by new author K.M Kinley

art by Alejandro Colucci

Merchant, industrialist and explorer Trassan Kressind has an audacious plan – combining the might of magic and iron in the heart of a great ship to navigate an uncrossed ocean, seeking the city of the extinct Morfaan to uncover the secrets of their lost sciences.

Ambition runs strongly in the Kressind family, and for each of Trassan’s siblings fate beckons. Soldier Rel is banished to a vital frontier, bureaucrat Garten balances responsibility with family loyalty, sister Katriona is determined to carve herself a place in a world of men, outcast Guis struggles to contain the energies of his soul, while priest Aarin dabbles in forbidden sorcery.

The world is in turmoil as new money brings new power, and the old social order crumbles. And as mankind’s arts grow stronger, a terror from the ancient past awakens…

This highly original fantasy depicts a unique world, where tired gods walk industrial streets and the tide’s rise and fall is extreme enough to swamp continents. Magic collides with science to create a rich backdrop for intrigue and adventure in the opening book of this epic saga.

Out June 2015

Second comes a sublime horror fantasy from acclaimed write Paul Meloy, The Night Clock:

art by Ben Baldwin

And still the Night Clock ticks…

Phil Trevena’s patients are dying and he needs answers. One of the disturbed
men in his care tells him that he needs to fi nd Daniel, that Daniel will be able
to explain what is happening. But who is Daniel? Daniel was lost once, broken
by the same force that has turned its hatred on Trevena. His destiny is greater
than he could ever imagine.

Drawn together, Trevena and Daniel embark on an extraordinary journey of
discovery, encountering The Firmament Surgeons in the Dark Time—the fl ux
above our reality. Whoever controls Dark Time controls the minds of humanity.
The Firmament Surgeons, aware of the approach of limitless hostility and
darkness, are gathered to bring an end to the war with the Autoscopes, before
they tear our reality apart.

Paul Meloy’s extraordinarily rich debut novel introduces us to a world just
beyond our own, shattering our preconceptions about creativity and mental
illness, presenting us with a novel like no other.

The Night Clock is out November 2015.

And finally the next title in Jonathan Strahan’s celebrated Infinity series, Meeting Infinity:

art by Adam Tredowski

Look into the future and see what you might become….

Dark age barbarian princesses, Mexican ninja zombies soldiers, icy interrogators of networked intellects, searchers for eternal youth, warrior families hiding in the corners of a future haunted by machines bent on our destruction, and distant deepspace protectors of humanity’s future.

Whether it’s the day after tomorrow or a million years into the deep future, there are moments when humanity stares into the abyss and faced with possibility extinction follow Darwin’s theory – change, adapt, alter, evolve. Take on a different body, engineer a new intellect, become something completely different to preserve whatever is most human about us.

Meeting Infinity, the fourth book of the Infinity Project, presents sixteen exciting new stories from award winners and acclaimed writers like Madeline Ashby, Gregory Benford, Nancy Kress, Aliette de Bodard, Yoon Ha Lee, Benjanun Sriduangkaew, Kameron Hurly, Gwyneth Jones, An Owomoyela, Bruce Sterling and others. 

Out December 2015.