A Dedication, An Acknowledgement, and An Apology

To all our readers and fans:

On Tuesday 3rd March (US) and Thursday 5th March (UK) this year, Premee Mohamed’s Beneath the Rising will be arriving at great bookstores everywhere. We’re incredibly excited about this book, and we hope you are too.

The print edition will, sadly, be missing two very important passages.

Premee wanted to include a dedication and a page of acknowledgements in her book, to thank the many people who helped her get where she is now, and unfortunately those passages are absent from the initial print run of the book.

I messed up—I, the editor David Moore, messed up. (Corporate apologies are all well and good, but they always manage to make it seem like the error was a force of nature or an inexplicable phenomenon; and this was neither.) I have, in turn, identified and corrected a weakness in my workflow, but unfortunately too late to fix this.

I want to sincerely apologise to all readers of this wonderful, important book; to Premee’s friends who she wanted to reach out to; and to Premee herself. Seeing your debut book come to life is something that only happens once in your life, and I have, in some way, marred it.

The passages are both in the e-book, and for those of you who will shortly be holding the print edition in your hands and who want to see it, they are reproduced below.

Thank you for your time,



‘To my friends, who pulled me from the darkness
And into the light’


I would like to acknowledge the many people who made this book possible, starting with my agent Michael Curry, whose kindness, humour, and tireless championing has been the best part of this publishing journey. At Solaris, I am grateful for my editor David T. Moore, copyeditor Kate Coe (and her delightful commentary!), and publicists Remy Njambi and Penny Reeve, and my brilliant cover artist James Jones.

I would also like to thank my friend MHK, who is the only (only) reason I started trying to get published in the first place. 

This book, initially completed in 2002, would not exist without my friends KCS and MMM, whose sure, cloudless friendship was then and is now the secret basis for Nick and Johnny’s steadfast love.

And for DMA: If I should live for a thousand lifetimes I will never have another friend like you.